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Who we are

Social enterprise

Ethikis ad Civis is a social enterprise (SCOP), whose purpose is to promote, by all means, ethical consumption and use. Ethikis develops tools and solutions designed by citizens, for citizens, with regard to the environmental and social issues of our time.

Ethikis is founded on a single question: No matter how small you are, what can our contribution be?

Never too big and never too small. Environmental and humane transition solutions are long to achieve. Inspired by a ‘Just do it’ attitude, Ethikis develops and encourages the creation of concrete tools to fight against out-of-age practices.

'Today's' organization

Pluralism in all its forms, respect for each other and secularism are as well profound values.


We favour collaboration without a priori, provided that environmental awareness is behind every step.

What is a social enterprise?

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Our story

Despite its young age, Ethikis already has a great history…


Creation of the association Ethikis ad civis

The work began in January and in March Ethikis ad civis was created as an association under the 1901 law.


Winner of ‘My Project for the Planet’

Awarded by the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition in May 2018, among 420 projects submitted, LONGTIME® is one of the 15 winners and has the honour of pitching before Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot!

Transformation of the association into a social enterprise (SCOP)

Ethikis becomes a cooperative and participative enterprise in LLC format. The difference with a traditional enterprise: the company belongs to its employees, cannot be owned by another entity and cannot be sold. An initial desire of the founders to support projects such as the LONGTIME® label.


Finalist of the Social Innovation Tournament

In June, the European Investment Bank informed us that LONGTIME® was selected from 1600 projects across Europe to be among the 15 finalists of the Social Innovation Tournament.

European dimension

Daniela joins Ethikis’ permanent team – multilingual and in line with our action, she is in charge of the European part of the structure.

Solidarity-Based Enterprise of Social Utility

In November, Ethikis receives the ESUS accreditation ‘Solidarity-Based Enterprise of Social Utility’


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